Hello! I'm Irina Butusova, a Ukrainian-Israeli Graphic Designer and Art Director with extensive knowledge and experience in Product Design and Generative AI. My approach fuses technical acuity with artistic flair, enabling me to construct distinctive solutions that echo my clients' message and strengthen their brand narrative.
As a seasoned professional, my expertise lies in the fields of graphic design, brand identity, and art direction, yet my skillset extends beyond traditional design boundaries and into the innovative realm of Generative AI. This unique amalgamation of skills empowers me to push the envelope of design and technology, providing a unique and enriching experience for my clients.
Having spent significant parts of my career in global IT and creative epicenters such as Tel Aviv and Berlin, I have amassed a wealth of multifaceted experiences and insights. This diversity is mirrored in my work, lending a global resonance and cultural depth to my designs.
My comprehensive education in multimedia, a background in social media management, and a nuanced understanding of scientific art synergize to enhance my capabilities, allowing me to address projects from various perspectives and deliver well-rounded solutions.
Beyond technical skills, my profound passion for art and illustration underpins my professional ethos. This love guides my exploration and redefinition of design boundaries, yielding a unique artistic perspective to my work.
Fluent in English, German, and Hebrew, I am adept at communicating and collaborating effectively within multicultural teams. I invite you to peruse my portfolio to witness the extent of my creativity. For further samples of my work or to discuss your project requirements, feel free to contact me.
Eager to bring my expertise to your team, I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and bring your vision to life. Let's make something remarkable together!