Art Director, Design Consultant & Product Designer in Generative AI  
January 2023 – Present. Based in Tel Aviv.
As an Art Director, Design Consultant, and Product Designer in Generative AI, I focus on creating visual designs that effectively communicate my clients' messages and reinforce their brand identity. 
I bring with me extensive experience in leading, building, and shipping applications or software that are extensive and ambiguous in scope across various platforms. 
I have a keen interest in and deep understanding of generative AI, which uniquely positions me to leverage its transformative potential.

Generative AI: I have a keen interest in and understanding of Generative AI. This knowledge allows me to devise design strategies that leverage AI for enhancing user experience and driving product innovation.
 Interaction Design: 6+ years of interaction design experience, focusing on defining how an experience should behave based on understanding people's needs. I consider scalability and use appropriate prototyping tools to demonstrate how a specific flow or interaction works.
Visual Design: Proficient in typography, desktop/mobile UI, color, layout, iconography, and aesthetic sense, I have spent 6+ years exploring how these elements impact product functionality.
Product Vision & Leadership: With 6+ years under my belt, I've driven the vision of successful products, playing a pivotal role in setting goals and direction. My decision-making process is rooted in understanding the impact on people and the company.
Team Representation & Collaboration: I have experience in presenting work to a broader product team and other leaders, articulating goals and concepts clearly. I take pride in my ability to connect my work with other related initiatives across the company, fostering a collaborative environment.
 End-to-End Design Process: I am experienced in showcasing my design process across multiple projects, which includes interaction and visual design artifacts, multiple iterations, and high-fidelity prototypes.

Independent Art Director. Design Consultant  
January 2023 – Present. Tel Aviv, Israel.
Bee Logo. Graphic Designer/Art Director  
June 2018 – December 2022. Tel Aviv, Israel.
Jucydesign Berlin. Product Design Lead  
March 2016 – November 2019. Berlin, Germany.
Merlin Group. Freelance Creative Director  
November 2009 – May 2012. Berlin, Germany.
Berliner Philharmonic. Web Designer  
March 2008 – June 2009. Berlin, Germany.
ICQ. Online Designer  
June 2006– January 2008. Tel Aviv, Israel.
Fogel Ogilvy. Art Director Interactive  
June 2004– June 2006. Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tel Aviv College of Technology
Art School Odessa Ukraine
Graphic Design at John Bryce College
SMM Manager at IFM College Berlin

Coca-Cola Music (Israel) 
NUK (Germany) 
Best Kids Apps by Google (Emma's Dreamland) 
Best Ad of the week by Ogilvy (Mentos)

Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Animate, Illustrator, Adobe Firefly, ChatGPT, and Midjourney. Wix, Premiere, Acrobat DC, Maya, Elementor.  Proficient in spoken German.

USD 80,000 

Yoga, Ve
getarian Cuisine, Japanese Illustration